Finding Purpose

How Do They Change as a Result of What You Give

Five Questions to Finding Your Life Purpose

1. State your name.
2. What do you love to do?  What is the one thing you feel supremely qualified to teach others?
3. Who do you do it for?  
4. What do those people (the ones you do it for) want or need?
5. How do they change or transform as a result of what you give them?

Always focus on the people you serve.

More than the Uniform


Occasionally an individual is clear about what they believe.  It is the core of all their actions and they are authentic.  If you follow the NFL even remotely you probably have seen the interest around Tim Tebow, the second year quarterback for the Denver Broncos.  His religious faith has been debated as much as his skills as a quarterback.  He has even been the focus of a Saturday Night Live feature.
The power of Tim Tebow is that he consistently wears his belief on his sleeve, even when he does not have his uniform.  His belief separates individuals into those that share his belief and those who are repelled by it.  There are not a lot of people left in the middle.  He is controversial simply because he has articulated his purpose.  Not everyone is going to join his tribe but those that do feel a powerful connection.

What would it take for your enterprise to develop the same level of intensity with your fans?


If your enterprise is committed to a stated purpose and authentic in its actions, people will want to work with you.  They will actually line-up and offer their services.  Imagine if there was a waiting list to be a board member or volunteer for your cause.  I recently came across David’s webpage in which he outlines why he would be an ideal intern for Khan Academy.  He starts by sharing his belief and then outlines his talent.

Who is stepping-up to join your cause?  Why?

Which Meassage?

Castell de Montjuic

One of the reasons I am intrigued by the process of assisting enterprises and individuals define their purpose is that it provides a platform for consistent communication.  When we are uncertain of what we believe then it is common to communicate whatever feels right at the moment, which tends to be be more confusing to our customers than we realize.