Give or Get?

Is it is truly about what we give and not what we get?  It is a powerful idea.  What would be the central focus of your organization if you measured success and effectiveness based on what you gave?  Would it be different from what you do today?  As donors, how much of their contributions are driven by the stated and intangible benefits?  Are we encouraging transactions or gifts?  Does a strategic plan prioritize a program that is favored by a funder?  Does the board meet when it best serves the organization or because it convenient to the board members?  Do we compensate staff based on what they contribute to the organization or only based on benchmarks?  Do we ask our volunteers what talent they most enjoy contributing or do we simply assign them to the next available project?  Do we ask what the CEO what inspires them to give or do we ask them only to get?

What if we asked what does our enterprise have to give?  What if what we have to give became the driving message of our campaigns?

So much of the social sector seems driven by what we can get?  What grant can we secure, what board member can we get to join, what program will increase the organizations revenue the most?  

Perhaps we can remember to focus on what we have to give.  Somebody founded the organization because they had a vision of what they could give.