Script the Moves

A week of travel has kept me from being able to post for a couple days but I am thrilled to share some innovative ideas coming out of the National Association of Independent School’s conference.  A presentation that jumped out at me was one made by Glyn Cowlishaw and Angie Ringley of Pinewood Preparatory School.  A point that works across the entire sector was the idea of developing a pattern so those behind you can follow.  Using the iconic line, “Bond, James Bond”, they showed a video montage of the seven actors to utter the phrase in a James Bond Hollywood film.  The point being, if you can develop a strong enough pattern the person portraying the character will have certain mannerisms and the audience will respond in predictable way.  Is your cause creating a pattern where the next Board Chair or CEO can assume some immediate patterns that will accelerate the transition and be reassuring to your community?