Push and Pull

Can You Pull as Well as You Push?

Just home from the South by Southwest conference in Austin, TX.  For the uninitiated this is where Twitter once launched, Mike Tyson and Pee Wee Herman make appearances to handout ice cream, and the term ‘geek’ is said with respect.  There was great information to take-in and anxiety over what was missed.  One quick take-away was the tension between push and pull.  Most of us think about this in the context of social media (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace) but even in a broader definition, is your enterprise set-up to have a genuine conversation with its fans and supporters?  Or are you a push only organization?  Do you stand on the stage and give your acceptance speech everyday or is it more of a question and answer session after the award ceremony (which is still all push since it is about you)?  Have you thought about shining your spotlight on a fan and enhance their standing without directly thinking about your cause?  Consider highlighting a little known blogger or community activist who is putting out great content/work and happens to be a fan.  What would it look like if you promoted their work?  This gift of a broader platform may just create a deeper relationship that ultimately benefits your enterprise because now you have launched a free agent to promote good works.  Even the Oscars need a comic relief and presenters to keep us tuned-in, otherwise all the winners could upload YouTube clips and we could watch them later.  Consider the power of push and pull used in tandem.