Radiated Glory

Sideline Parents

A boss who micromanages is like a coach who wants to get in the game. Leaders guide and support…then sit back and cheer from the sidelines.                                                 ~Simon Sinek

If you really want to experience the thrill of competition join the team on the field.  Pin on a number and get in the race.  Place your name on the start list.  Dive into a competition so deeply that only a small tunnel of light leading to the finish line is visible.  Arrive at your destination exhausted and exalted.

Being on the sidelines is wonderful entertainment but the glory of a victory is radiated from those who took part in the competition.  It is not yours to wrap yourself in but rather shared by the kindness and generosity of those who accomplished great deeds.  Knowing the difference is important otherwise we may believe we are critical to team’s success just because we fly their flag from our car window.    


I received the following email from

Here are a few of the top victories and successes we’ve had together:

  • Late last week, the largest florist in the world, 1-800-Flowers, responded to 54,000 members and agreed to begin selling Fair Trade flowers and insist on a strong code of conduct for all their suppliers to counteract the deplorable working conditions that thousands of female flower workers face in South America. They’ve promised to offer Fair Trade flowers in time for Mother’s Day, making 1-800-Flowers a leader in the industry. (Click here to write a thank you message on 1-800-Flowers’ Facebook wall.)
  • After a devastating clothing factory fire in Bangladesh took the lives of 27 workers, you asked seven clothing companies, including Abercrombie, the Gap, and Target to compensate the victims’ families and revamp safety standards in their affiliated factories. After 65,000 of us spoke up, a spokesperson from Target said this to us: “I want to understand what we have to do to get our brand off the petition … Tell me what we need to do, and we will try to do it.” All seven companies met your demands.
  • An Ohio mom named Kelley Williams-Bolar was sentenced to jail last month for sending her kids to a safer school in a neighboring district. Another mom in Massachusetts started a petition on her behalf – and the campaign gained wide notice in Time, USA Today, and on Good Morning America. We teamed up with grassroots groups Color of Change and MomsRising to deliver more than 165,000 signatures in person to the office of Ohio Governor John Kasich. Less than 24 hours later, Governor Kasich took an important step toward pardoning Kelley.

This message was not just sent to those who signed the petition but to everyone who is involved in the cause.  Some members may not even support some of the initiatives but the sense of momentum and accomplishment draws us closer.  Remember to publicize your victories and do not leave them only for the annual report.  Momentum attracts more followers.