If A then B?

I wonder how often we stick with the conventional because if allows us to stay with a know entity and receive familiar outcomes? How many times do we change our route home? Do you ever breakout a different clothes? Do you try different stories at a social gathering? What do you order from the restaurant menu- could you spouse or friends guess your entree of choice? What assumptions control our behavior. I must do this because that is always the way it has been. Looking at some blogs this morning started me wondering:

  • What would the United States look like if Texas seceded from the Union? Would California leave next?
  • Why can’t a large ocean-going vessel protect itself from a motorized raft loaded with a few pirates?
  • Has the economic downturn increased our realization of what we value?
  • How will we go back to paying ‘full’ price for items? What will shift our consciousness away from demanding a discount?
  • If you received a free ticket that expires in one month would you fly half-way around the world to see a country you have always wanted to visit?
  • What role will books written about play in the future if consumers demand that you start a blog with a synopsis of your ideas first?

How quickly environmental factors influence our focus. What are you doing intentionally everyday? What parts of your life are left on default mode?

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