A Beltway Observation

I have been in DC the past couple of days. Acting as a tourist, seeing the sights, and walking everywhere. It has been a great vacation with the family and now is time to head home. In spending a few days down the street from the White House I have noticed the few unique DC characteristics:

  • Everyone drives like they are in the Presidential motorcade. Lots of fast accelerations, lane switching, and horn honking (public substitution for sirens).
  • Black suburbans and SUVs are the ubiquitous. It appears to be the vehicle of power.
  • Suits and ties are everywhere. Sitting in the airport right now, I see more people dressed in business attire than just about any other airport I have traveled from recently.
  • Power lunches/dinners still exist. Every meal we ate in a restaurant seem to leave us eves-dropping on some discussion about legislation, the administration, or political gossip.
  • The presence of work ID badges: everyone seem to have a credential. From tourist sights to hotels to government. I was waiting to see a vendor who sold a fake version.
  • Blackberry’s seem to rule DC. The ratio of Blackberrys vs. iPhone is noticeable in the capital.

Interesting how one’s region has its own culture, habits, icons, and narratives. It was palpable.

What attributes does your community support (even at a sub-conscious level)?

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