Headlines & Outliers

I really enjoyed reading Malcom Gladwell’s book Outliers and have commented on it previously. One of Malcom’s thesis relates to our birth date, talents, and the confluence of events that take place during our lifetime.

With so much taking place in the world right now, I wonder who is positioned to influence our direction? Which economist, lawmaker, financial mind, business leader, activist is prepared to lead during such a dramatic recession? What ‘wise captain of industry’ is making a fortune? What product is being revolutionized?

Who will influence Iran during what appears to be a potential tipping point?

How will the United States react if missiles are fired at Hawaii by an apparently hostile North Korea? Who will rise to the top with an initiative to shape a nation’s reaction? Will it be hostile or peaceful?

So many questions from the front page of the news. Think of the million of other initiatives and influences taking place today.

What opportunities are presenting themselves to you during this moment in time?

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