Letting Your Team Shine

Attended a Lyle Lovett concert last night. Probably the sixth time I have seen him and his large band. He puts on a great show in my estimation. Lyle seems to have a handle on the local community and is able to make reference to a couple places he visited while in-town. It makes you feel like he went out and explored in the community and did not just roll in on the tour bus, play, and leave.

One of Lyle’s greatest skills as a performer is his ability to share the spotlight with all the musicians he has on tour with him. I recognize many of the members of his band so there appears to be a loyalty and desire to continue touring with Lyle. He arranges songs that give the entire band a chance to demonstrate their talents. The vocal back-up singers are impressive in themselves. Add a violin, bass, keyboard, guitar, cello, piano, horn, fiddle, drums and you have the making a large band.

How do you arrange your meetings so all your staff and board get a chance to shine? Does your organization inspire loyalty? Do people want to stay involved?

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