Who Keeps Your Organization’s Stories

Who keeps your cause’s stories?  Most organizations keep the required record of minutes, financial documents, corporate filings and IRS Letter of Determination in a secure location.  But where do you house the stories about how your organization was founded?  Who recalls the how the original board members were added?  What critical adversity was overcome?  Which community members saw the relevance of the organization’s mission and provided essential funding?  What early graduate of the enterprise’s programs has become a remarkable member of the community?  How was the idea for a key partnership hatched?  Who brought the idea for the fundraising event that was originally dismissed but now a treasured part of the community calendar?  

How do keep these important stories accessible and alive?  Does your organization stay in-touch with past staff and board members?  Is there a volunteer or intern who has a passion for cataloging the organization’s narratives.  Have you considered a digital library such as the one used by StoryCorps?  As Daniel Blink points out in A Whole New Mind, “the hero’s journey has three main parts: Departure, Initiation, and Return.”  Who is transcribing the critical events that form your enterprise’s hero story?

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