Change Please

My daughter was riven a two-dollar bill as change for a recent transaction at the movie theater.  The bill suddenly became more precious to her than the value assigned by the United States Treasury.  The two-dollars will be put somewhere for safe-keeping, displayed as art, and not be used as intended (at least for a while).  Receiving change was expected, how it was delivered became the story she is telling.  The how in life can make all the difference.  Art and storytelling erupt when everyday interactions are delivered remarkably.

Your Story

Storytelling is such an important part of creating connection.  Consider how well we know the adventures of Lewis & Clark because of the journals they kept during their explorations.  If you have read the journals in entirety they are long spells that are mundane.  But what we recall and share are the highlights.  Surviving an early winter passage over the mountains in later-day Montana without rations.  Wintering on the Pacific coast.  Separating into two parties and then being reunited during a clash with natives.

Which stories does your cause hold out front?   Is there a narrative about your enterprise’s founding?  A personal narrative from an individual who was transformed by your organization’s services?  An emotional hook to draw-in your audience and make your work authentic?