Great Barriers

Have you had the opportunity to tour the Sistine Chapel or summit the Eiffel Tower?  How about viewing the Grand Canyon or the Statue of Liberty?  Have you seen the Great Wall of China or the Great Barrier Reef?  The common denominator for each of these landmarks is that it takes a journey for most of us to reach any one of these.  Once you get arrive in the general proximity of the landmark it takes an additional investment of time and money to see the actual site.  There are often crowds and additional obstacles to navigate.  The cumulative experience of the journey makes the adventure to a landmark more memorable.

How many New Yorkers have never taken the ferry to the Statue of Liberty?  They can do it anytime they wish since proximity makes for a low barrier.  If you are visiting Rome you are more invested in a visit to the Sistine Chapel and enduring the lines, entry fee and the endless galleries that take you to the actual chapel.

Sometimes convenience does not draw more customers and clients?  Most of us go out of our way to find the top rated specialist who does knee replacements.  Usually getting an appointment takes effort and patience since the leading specialists are often booked months in advance.

What do you produce that may accelerate its return on investment by increasing the barriers?  What would thrive if you promoted scarcity?  Opportunities that are not omnipresent cause potential customers to become less transactional.

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