Not Satisfied

How satisfied are your clients and members?  What type of scores do they give your organization when you performs a satisfaction survey?  Are they somewhat satisfied, mostly satisfied, extremely satisfied?  What if I told you that there is zero correlation between the results of a satisfaction survey and predicting the future growth of your organization?  Said differently, just because a customer is satisfied with your cause does not mean they will patronize your organization next week, month, or year.  Tracking satisfaction provides no value when predicting future growth.  In my consulting practice we have stopped performing satisfaction assessments.

What is useful?  We are measuring advocates.  Ultimately we are looking for individuals who will risk their reputation to recommend an organization or cause.  An advocate is an individual who believes strongly enough in a brand to put their personal stamp of approval on the anticipated future experience a friend or colleague will experience.

Real world example- list five or more local eating establishments you have dined at in the past year or less.  How may of these dining places would you mark as at least satisfied if I surveyed you today?  Now, if I came to your community and I asked you which restaurants I you would recommend, how many from your satisfied list would you include?  How many would you recommend with a qualifying statement?  What is the difference between the satisfaction list and the recommendation list?  Usually there is are significantly fewer establishments an individuals is willing to recommend than those that they are satisfied with.  Satisfaction is an easy statement we use to cover a lot of situations (it can be a polite way to say I am never coming back or I am a fan of your enterprise).

If you knew who your enterprise’s advocates were what would you do differently?

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