Quick Starts

A visit today to a kid’s science discovery center reminded me of an interesting concepts.  A fast start can lead to an insurmountable lead.

Three balls are released at the same time.  The track furthest from the camera has a steady downhill grade, the middle one has a steeper grade with an uphill finish.  The track closest to the camera drops immediately and then curves upwards towards the finish line.  As you can may be able to discern the ball on the track closest to the camera is clearly in the lead.  It gains so much momentum in the first second that the balls on the other tracks have no chance to recover from their slower starts.

Perhaps the math riddle from grade school is another demonstration.  A bridge is two miles long and if a car travels 60 MPH the driver will reach the far side in two minutes.  The driver and car travel the first mile at 30 MPH.  How fast must the driver and car cover the second mile in order to reach the other side before two minutes expires?

The answer which you immediately recognized is that the car has already taken two minutes to cover the first mile and driving 90 MPH or 120 MPH is not going to overcome the slow start.  

Planning is important but scheduling the right itinerary is critical to success.  How do you ensure your enterprise has assumed the right pace to be successful?  If it is worth engaging into a enterprise.

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