Quick experiment in the kitchen.  Prepare to bake some cookies.  Preheat one oven and leave one off.  Try baking a tray of cookies in the oven that was not preheated.  In the preheated oven bake the cookies as instructed.

Which oven turned out the better cookies?  Which was easier to monitor when it was done?  How much longer did the cold oven take?

If you confirmed that there is some advantage to preheating an oven, then how do you bring the concept to your organization.  How do you get board members energized to attend a board meeting in advance? How do you get new board members prepared to participate meaningfully at the first meeting they attend?  How do you get volunteers enthusiastic before they reach their first assignment?  How do you energize staff about a new program or project?  How do you prime donors before you arrive to ask them for a contribution?  How do you create anticipation before your causes big gala fundraiser?

Preparing the environment to be receptive to a positive outcomes produces extraordinary results.  How are you preheating your enterprise to succeed during it most important moments?

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