Under what motivations would an individual get a tattoo of a Fortune 500 company on their arm?  Which corporate seal would you be willing to walk around with to display every time your bare arms were visible?  How much would you need to cheerish their product?

What if you could not even own the product?  Would you get the tattoo then?

The company needs to represents something greater than its products, perhaps a movement.  The next time you see a Harley-Davidson tattoo on an individual, ask them why they felt compelled to advertise for Harley-Davidson for the rest of their life.  My guess is that their answer will not be about their ‘hog’.  It is what the motorcycle represents.  It is a movement.  It is about freedom.  It is about patrotism.

Would anyone put a tattoo of your organization’s logo on their arm?  Is your logo representative of your programs and services or a movement? Is the logo tied to a static enterprise or a cause in motion?  Is there a point of entry where I can align my reasons with your enterprise’s purpose.

Why would tens of thousands of people walk around with a yellow rubber band on their wrist?  Why would politicians and heads of state add this accessory to their wrists?  The LIVESTRONG campaign provided a perfect opportunity to align a cause in a public manner and bring one’s own story.  It was a symbol of solidarity and support with those who were fighting, survived, or been lost to cancer.  But more importantly it allowed the wearer to bring their own story.  To be part of the movement and represent the personal.  The wearer could share their connection to somebody impacted by cancer and yet be part of a cause.

What is the point of engagement for those seeking to intersect your cause with their own stories?


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