90 Minutes

Wondering how to engage individuals who are too busy to serve on your board?  Or a young entrepreneur who has has expressed an interest in enhancing your programs?  Have an organizational opportunity but unsure of how to proceed?  Hoping to evaluate options with the insight of professional wisdom?

A strategy that has worked well for a number of enterprises:
Invite a small group of individuals with appropriate expertise for a 90 minute table top session.  Send the attendees a relevant synopsis of your organization and an outline of the topic you propose discussing.  Provide food and beverages.  Keep your introduction to fifteen minutes when framing the issue.  Turn the meeting over to the participants and get their council.  As the session wraps-up ask permission to keep the participants updated on the organization’s progress.  Report back on any actions taken as a result of the meeting.

Some of the benefits of this strategy include that you use the participant’s time wisely.  The attendees use their expertise to further your mission and they in turn become familiar with your organization.  Many times these individuals become resources for future sessions, committee members, or even board members.  If the connection is strong many will become donors and fans of your cause.  They will recruit others to be involved.

Would you commit 90 minutes to gain the wisdom of others?

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