What if

What if your organization has the better cause?  What if you assemble better data than your peers?  What if you volunteers work harder?  What if you staff does more for less because they are passionate?  What if every dollar donated goes to support only programs?  What if you have a national advisory council that reads like a Hollywood movie?  What if you have an adequate facility but not the glitzy new one down the street?  What if you have waited your turn patiently to raise funds for a fundamental need?  What if your board has 100% attendance at all meetings?

Do you know why you do what you do?  If you don’t then how am I suppose to connect at the deepest level with your cause?  Try to define the ‘why’ then ‘how’ and finally ‘what’.  So often we lead with ‘what’ and we become another commodity, another cause with a need.  Start on the inside and work out- it is challenging but fundamentally transformational. 

Watch Simon Sinek’s video on the right to learn more.

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