Social Sector Advent Calendar

Million dollar advent calendar -really, checkout the article!  Reading this story makes me wonder what a social sector enterprise wishes for in its advent calendar?  Some possible ideas:

  1. A budget based on conservative revenue expectations and reliable expenses.
  2. An engaged board with diverse perspectives but united by a common purpose.
  3. Donors who provided unrestricted funding to support general operations.
  4. Volunteers who felt appreciated an engaged in their area of expertise.
  5. Local media that solicited stories from the enterprise on a regular basis.
  6. A gala event that was fun, focused on mission, raised funds and awareness, and attendees asked for next year’s date.
  7. Energized staff who thrived on the personal joy and professional benefit of working in the social sector.
  8. Being touted by Beth Kanter (social media guru) as an example of an organization that used Facebook and Twitter most effectively.
  9. Having all the board and staff friend/follow the cause.
  10. An Executive Director who supported the board with well-designed questions/resources and was inspired by their debate and dialogue.
  11. Paperless Annual Reports, board packets, sustainable/green policies and events.
  12. Local government or officials who could move mountains when needed.
  13. A benefactor who encouraged the cause to envision a brighter future and might just seed the funding for the right projects.
  14. Celebrations that came frequently enough to recharge and shine the spotlight on the entire team.
  15. More laughter than tears.
  16. A waiting list of possible nominees for the board, volunteers for the events, and numerous applications for each staff opening.
  17. A strategic plan that inspires and stretches the organization.
  18. A reserve fund or endowment that generated reasonable principal.
  19. An HR consultant.
  20. A website designer, who actually answered emails and identified issues before the clients.
  21. A database.
  22. Being selected by Oprah for her “Favorite Things” episode.

Just a few wishes for the social sector advent calendar.  What would you add?

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