The mind, once expanded to the dimension of bigger ideas, never returns to its original size- Oliver Wendell Holmes

A new year provides a platform full of possibilities, new paths to explore and ideas to expand the mind.  The simple act of moving to a new page on a calendar and the psychology of putting last year’s events and memories down at the New Year’s threshold can be refreshing.  Allowing momentum from last year’s successes to cascade into the unexplored frontier that greets us today can be a compelling outpost from which to launch our explorations.  The opportunity to refine purpose, confirm values, alter ones brand, and set macro goals is exhilarating.  Subtle shifts that open new viewpoints may be equally as monumental as whole sale changes.

In reviewing my consulting work from the past few years, I realize that I am at my best when I act as a strategist.  To assess the goals and opportunities selected by an enterprise and consider alternative approaches and perspectives is part of my purpose in life.  Attracting and amplifying the best ideas is what engages and energizes my daily activity.  Assembling resources and customizing methodologies from other sectors is part of the value I enjoy delivering for clients.   For 2011, I am committing to my role as a strategist and allow facilitation to take a secondary role.  Step one of any significant goal is to find an immediate actionable step (micro goal) that can build momentum and serve as a starting point for the voyage.  Posting ones goal publicly and being held accountable by your tribe or community is a part of an authentic relationship.  I look forward to sharing my progress and goals in the coming months.

What journey are you committed to for 2011?

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