The Importance of Momentum

Achieve released an article that highlighted the importance of momentum in a fundraising campaign.  

Organizations will often lose momentum when there is a singular focus on the short term.  Organizations will also lose momentum when they are not clear about direction or the ability to express that direction with donors.  As a donor, it is very hard to support potential growth, new opportunities, or even bigger impact if you don’t understand where the organization is going.

I also came across a passage in The Soul of Leadership: Unlocking Your Potential For Greatness by Deepak Chopra.

A successful visionary makes his or her manifest in the world.  Invisible seeds planted in the silence of your deepest awareness become tangible, visible realities.  As they unfold, you will manage their growth with passion and energy.  Your purpose will be apparent to all.

The alignment of purpose and action allows us to generate a whole host of attributes, many of which are impossible to manufacture under false pretense.  If I asked you to show me more authenticity right now, could you?  I have yet to see this trick performed.  The formula for authenticity might be expressed as:

My purposed + My daily actions matching purpose = authenticity
The same formula can also be applied to the concepts of trust and charisma.  These are ideals are hollow when listed on a resume or in a fundraising pitch.  But when demonstrated daily and repeatedly and held against the Rosetta Stone of organizational purpose, then they generate a different type of relationship.  As Simon Sinek would state, when people start interacting with you because they believe what you believe instead of doing business with your enterprise because they need what you have, a paradigm shift has taken place.  Momentum is doing business with individuals that share your purpose and then building a tribe that is connected by this shared vision.  Momentum is having clarity of purpose and then living it daily.  Momentum is lost when our vision gets fuzzy or derailed by other interests.  Momentum is a result not a purpose. 

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