Putting the Band Together

If you were asked to put together a garage band- simply to hold jam sessions, who would you invite?  If you were asked to assemble a group to play at a sold-out stadium would you change who you include in the band?

Do you find it interesting that some of the legendary musical groups split-up for no apparent reason?  Perhaps money, women/men, fame, travel becomes the distraction.  Then some acts book a reunion tour.  Do you think it is for the fame and money or have they reconnected to their purpose?

I would suggest that if you assemble a garage band because you have a shared purpose- a love of music, a message to send, a common platform, or any other number of reasons, the purpose should carry you forward.  If you never play a cord for a person outside of the garage or if you are making a living from iTunes payments the purpose does not change, however the results certainly look different.  

When we began planning based on the results we risk losing a direct connection to our purpose.  The results start to control us.  One of the great attributes of the human existence is that we recalibrate quickly to a new reality.  We can jump from poverty to lottery winner.  It take little time for a person to consider their new wealth the benchmark from which they exist.

Why do you want to play music (or whatever activity inspires you)?  Who shares your vision?  Write it down.  Invite those specific individuals who ‘get it’.  Exclude those who do not get it- there are plenty of garages for other bands.  Be certain.  It will amplify your experience, no matter what stage you play on.

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