Big Announcement!

This is Big!
Sensational Information to Share!
New Partnership Announced….
Please click on the PDF link to read about the change in the newsletter.
Anti-climatic?  What happened, you could not find the link? What if there was big news- perhaps a partnership with a major enterprise?  A whole new platform, a bigger audience, a larger megaphone, higher stakes, more networks.  Our tribe was joining forces and everything was going to change.  Should it come in a newsletter?  I am shocked by how many causes broadcast their biggest story by using just print.  In the age of YouTube, webcasts, Twitter, Facebook, interactive greeting cards, and personal delivery services we resort to a flat platform.  This is your chance to shout, “Everest Basecamp, this is Everest Summit, we made it!”  Pick-up the satellite phone and make a few calls, take some pictures, hang banners, dance, take the oxygen mask off for a second and breath the highest alpine air.  Nobody composes a newsletter and emails it out when the reach the summit of Everest.  You alert everyone in your tribe and if you can make them realize that they are part of the team, all the better.  Gather your community, huddle, look them in the eyes and allow them to gauge the significance of the announcement.  Let your fans ask questions, provide guidance, and celebrate the news.  Can you do better than sending hyperlinks with transformational news using the same document that contains a coupon and the school lunch menu?

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