For or Against

 I am for justice, diplomacy, thinking strategically, wilderness, professional development for teachers, bicycle lanes, cross-country skiing.

I am against fraud, disrespect, TSA pat downs, highly restricted donations, riding without a bike helmet, promotions based solely on tenure, groups that promote hate, dictators who repress citizens, 

You can agree or disagree with what I believe.  What is interesting is that it is harder to create a movement around what you believe.  It is far easier to attract a crowd by shouting what you are against.  To collect people who believe what you believe takes far more work and you need to identify the specific confluence of my belief and theirs.  If I announce I am against something, then everyone who does not believe exactly what is being attacked is a potential ally in my campaign.  The against crowd is usually driven by a self-perpetuating energy but if you surveyed them their beliefs would be scattered all over the map.  If you ran the same survey for the supporters, their beliefs be very tightly grouped.

Which group of fans are you attracting?

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