Service and Curtains


International travel is always an adventure.  Magical moments mixed with ones that make you wonder why you paid for the adventure.  Traveling to and from one’s destinations comes with its own special mindset.  Many times we all just hope that nothing remarkable happens.  The trip to the airport goes smoothly, security screening is predictable, the flight takes-off on time, you survive the in-air experience, land safely, and reach your chosen destination.  Put your head down and keep out of the way is the mentality on the day.

What ones notices on an international flight is that the curtains that separates First, Business, and Economy classes seemingly carry a spell worthy of a Harry Potter movie.  The same flight attendant who cheerfully fluffed the pillow of a First Class passenger, grabbed a water bottle to refill drinks in Business Class, can then walk the aisle of Economy ignoring pleas for special requests.  Mathematically it makes sense, six First Class passenger, forty seated in Business Class, and two-hundred packed together in Economy.  It is difficult to offer special attention to everyone so it is easy to draw a line of distinction at Business Class.  The experience of sitting on one side or the other of the curtain can be remarkably different.

Is there a service break (a curtain between airline classes) in your enterprise?  Does everyone receive the same experience?  Do you divide customers and patrons based on a specific criteria?  Have you sat in all the sections to understand their perceptions?  What spell gets cast on your team when working with you biggest fan versus the most transactional members?

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