What Would You Remember?

If you competed in the Tour de France, what would you remember after riding for three weeks and over 3,400 kilometers?  Would one stage be more memorable than another?  Would you recall all the start and finish towns?  How many sections of the course would be etched in your memory?  Would you be more likely to recall a specific day if it were the hottest or rainy and extremely cold?  What about pedaling climbs pitched at over 10% for hours to reach a mountain pass?  Or the descents with hairpin turns and straight sections where you descended at over 100 kph?  If you managed to secure one of the leader jerseys for a day, would that alter your focus?

Turns out that extremes stand-out.  The moments that are anything but normal.  So often we wonder why our cause does not get all the attention as we finish with the peloton (pack) every stage.  In the Tour de France riders take inspiring chances to gain a stage win, attacking in the first minutes of a stage that might last five hours only to be caught in the final thirty minutes of racing.  Why? For 90% of the race they are the story.  The commentators spend the majority of the time talking about the breakaway.  The cameras are tuned to them because until they are caught these riders represent the chance that something extraordinary might happen.  

What do your fans remember?  How do you stand out?

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