Lowest Common Denominator

 Please answer the following security question.  Complete the phrase you see in the box above.  Place all your liquids in a quart size zip lock bag.  Provide your security code before we can process the following transaction.

We are creating systems based on the lowest common denominator.  The act of a few on the extreme edges set the bar for the rest of us.  What if you showed more trust.  One CEO I worked with empowered his staff to ‘do the right thing.’  Sometimes this was producing tickets for a sold out show, extending a membership benefit to a lapsed donor who was befuddled by why they were not on a list, or just making sure an individual was recognized by name at the right moment.  Nothing revolutionary but it came with a sense of connection and compassion.  Where it would have been easy to say “no” or “sorry we cannot do that,” there was flexibility.  You cannot have a community without trust.  Would you join a group that was always asking you to prove your identity? 

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