Edge of the World Trail

I lead horse pack trips for a summer camp when I was in college.  We ran with an outfitter who would take the pack string of mules ahead and then I would guide the campers on horseback into the base camp and then beyond.  The most nervous moment was ten minutes from the trailhead.  Before everyone had really gotten settled on their horses and adjustments were still being made we would round a corner and encounter a 1/2 miles section of trail that was exposed against a hillside with a 500-foot drop-off to the river below.  The trail was sufficiently wide and in the course of normal travel was not an unreasonable obstacle.  The challenge was that once you started with sixteen head of horses, there was no turning around.  If a mule string happened to be coming the other direction and they did not stop at the right location, you were sure to have a nearly impassable predicament.  There was some serious faith that once you launched your party on the trail that other users would have your best interest in mind.  It reminds me of my work with enterprises that are launching strategic plans.  At some point you have to make the turn and launch on the trail that feels like you are riding on the edge of the world.  Have faith that if you have planned well and your purpose is compelling, then the journey is worth making the first step.

Your vision is only actionable if you say it out loud. If you keep it to yourself, it will remain a figment of your imagination.

– Simon Sinek


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