Rankings and Ratings

Robert Parker is known as wine advocate.  His 100-point rating scale is akin to a movie review from Roger Ebert.  A 95-point wine that one has never heard of gets attention when it is 4 points higher than your all-time favorite.  A wine you may consider could require a personal recommendation from another advocate to overcome a low Robert Parker rating.

It raises an interesting question.  How does one avoid resting their fate on a rating system that is the preference of one individual?  How to standout from on a leaderboard that may not reflect your strengths?  It is similar to being authentic.  One cannot fake authenticity.  You simply state what you believe and then allow your actions to be measured against your beliefs.  One cannot completely ignore a prominent rating scale but one can be known for some characteristic that is clearly not captured by a ranking.  Volvo for years was know for the safety of its cars.  Even thought they may have not been stylish, if your chief motivation was a safe car then one would give less consideration to low luxury rating but focus instead on the safety features. Initially the Prius design was unconventional but for those who believed in making a statement about the environment, it was the perfect representation.

If one defines what they believe and acts accordingly, rating scales are less likely to apply. 

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