We Are Raising Our Prices

I noticed a little sign on the counter of our local dry cleaners served as a notice of the price increase that went into effect on June 1, 2011.  It struck me as interesting that they felt they needed to announce the change their pricing structure by decided to make the notice almost unreadable (my iPhone photo could not capture the text adequately).  If you believe in your service and you have created a tribe of followers, why not be transparent?  Why not try the following:

“We know that you have many choices when it comes to providing professional dry cleaning services and we appreciate your loyalty.  We believe in making you look your best.  We accomplish this daily by using the highest quality products, flexible scheduling, and consistently aspire to achieve the friendliest service.  We have chosen to raise our prices to continue to meet your expectations and keep you looking your best.”

If you act like a commodity and only compete with price, you will loose your empire.  If you keep your tribe connected to purpose and communicate honestly with them, your fans will advocate for you even when it requires a little more of their time and treasurer.

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