The Secret of Pacelines

I rode in a great cycling event today, the 4 Summit Challenge in Cascade, Idaho.  One of the interesting things that happens in larger events is that a paceline forms.  Each rider spends a minute or more at the front driving the group forward and everyone behind gets the benefit of their draft and save 30% on their energy output.  In a well practiced paceline, each rider rotates down one side of the line and then works their way to the back to the front of the line.  Ideally, when you are at the front your job is the maintain the speed and power that the previous rider established.  Being consistent prevents gaps forming and surging.  With an unpracticed group, their is a desire to demonstrate ones form and surges are inevitable, actually costing more effort as the paceline varies between sprinting and then coasting.

When you think about teamwork or leadership in your organization, how can each member add to the momentum of the team’s effort?  How can you keep the exertion at its highest sustainable pace?

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