Trust Me?

Professionals for Nonprofits released a study about the status of nonprofit employment in New York, New Jersey, and Washington DC.  The report released the Top Ten Essentials for nonprofit employees which suggests some interesting priorities.  Number one and two are intangible qualities.  Trust is a feeling.  There is no accreditation process to measure outright trust.  The Better Business Bureaus, Charity Navigator, and other certification organizations review past operational behavior but do not award a merit based on trust.   Mission statements come in second on the Top Ten list.  These narratives provide each organization with the opportunity to define its purpose.  Both trust and mission statements speak to the importance of an enterprise being able to articulate what it believes and then acting in accordance with their stated beliefs.  Even the trust formulas I offered last month are based on intangible attributes.  If you want engaged employees, volunteers, donors, and fans the importance of defining purpose and developing trust cannot be overlooked.

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