Something Else

I had a great blog post to write about fifteen minutes ago but the phone rang and I lost my thought. The day before I had a paradigm shift about how to present to a client while I was running.  Thirty minutes later when I arrived home I could only recalled a few of the details.  During a recent client’s retreat there was a must address topic that was raised.  First, the group wanted to break for lunch and when we reconvened the participants were eager to move on to the next agenda item.

I am not sure the world would have changed had any of these epiphanies seen the full light of day but I am certain the impact would have been different than my distracted reality.  Sometimes serendipity takes us on an unbelievable journey.  However, we cannot wander side streets all day without taking a moment to put our journey into context and understand what this something else has become.


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