Making the Leap


Four versions of this image hit my email inbox in the last two days.  I find it powerful and yet the context perplexing.  The commitment of the fish to make the leap is inspiring.  However, many causes have used the image to address an opportunity for expansion.  Some suggest that a new location will allow them to find their purpose.  I would suggest that an individual’s or enterprise’s purpose does not change.  If we are not finding traction in the current environment then perhaps the it is time to take the message elsewhere.  If the reason for making the leap is reap the perceived rewards of swimming in a bigger pool of water, make sure it is consistent with your values.  The number one reason a nonprofit capital campaign fails is because a real estate opportunity dominated a cause’s decision-making.  The organization sees a deal that it cannot let slip away and launches a fundraising effort only to find itself lying on the table between two bowls of water.

Be true to your purpose and you will find you can swim in many different bodies of water.  

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