Education Manifesto


If you wish to read one piece on transformative ideas in education I highly recommend Seth Godin’s manifesto which he released this week.  I am attending the National Association of Independent School’s conference and will be interested to hear the reaction to the ideas Seth has advocated, starting with Bill Gates’s opening keynote.

A sample of Seth’s manifesto:

84. The two pillars of a future-proof education:

Teach kids how to lead

Help them learn how to solve interesting problems

Leadership is the most important trait for players in the connected revolution. Leadership involves initiative, and in the connected world, nothing happens until you step up and begin, until you start driving without a clear map.   

And as the world changes ever faster, we don’t reward people who can slavishly follow yesterday’s instructions. All of the value to the individual (and to the society she belongs to) goes to the individual who can draw a new map, who can solve a problem that didn’t even exist yesterday.   

Hence the question I ask to every teacher who reads from her notes, to every teacher who demands rote memorization, and to every teacher who comes at schooling from a posture of power: Are you delivering these two precious gifts to our children? Will the next generation know more facts than we do, or will it be equipped to connect with data, and turn that data into information and leadership and progress?

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