No seat belts?
The Wright brothers did not wait to get their pilot’s license before attempting to fly.

What actions have we delayed and convinced ourselves that we need permission before proceeding?  It is human to desire the perfect conditions before launching, even for a test flight.  we wish for a day so ideal that it is worthy of a visitor bureau’s marketing campaign.  Which brings me to yesterday, a day worthy of postcards and opportunity.  As an attendee at the World Domination Summit, I was handed $100 cash .
Rarely have I had the privilege to sit in the presence of so many inspired people.  Or more precisely, it was remarkable to attend an event in the company of individuals who are enthused to share their transformational stories.  Every session, the person on the left and right would gladly share their dream project with just a single prompting question.  At the end of the summit the fearless leader of the nonconformist tribe, Chris Guillabeau in conjunction with an anonymous donor presented all the attendees with an envelope containing a $100 bill and an investment card.  The restrictions on the funds are minimal but the sense of responsibility daunting.  What to do with the funds?  That needs a few moments of inspirational thinking but I look forward to sharing some of the best ideas from the summit over the next couple posts.

What would $100 do towards your dreams?

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