Lesson from the River of No Return Wilderness

If you move at the same speed as the river, you have no control over your line, you go where the river takes you.  However, if you travel faster or slower than the river’s current, you can select your course.

National Outdoor Leadership School Instructor

We often accept the pace of those around us as our pace. It is a default mechanism and it provides safety in numbers, stay in the herd.  This is an appropriate strategy if we are walking in a crowd or waiting in line.  However, the route to our destination does not need to be tied to the pace selected by somebody else, they have their own motivations in mind.  In order to truly maneuver, we must be willing to apply our power and select a path. The river may or may not have our best interest in mind as it flows through the canyon.  You however have the opportunity to determine the outcome by using your strengths.

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