Hero’s Journey

Summer camp, boarding school, new travel destinations, and numerous lifetime adventures are uniquely positioned to support the Hero’s Journey as developed by Joseph Cambell.  If we measure the impact of our lives by the stories we tell, then let us seek out remarkable quests.
How does a sleep-away summer camp experience amplify the Hero’s Journey?  A camper experiences an immediate separation from home.  The camper face numerous challenges, adventures and experiences.  An initiation or ceremony reveals their new talents and the camper return to the camp community and later home.  Forever changed the heroic journey is embedded in their story.  They may return to the summer camp for a succession of adventure programs, each amplifying their story and offering new journeys.  The power the camper receive from the Hero’s Journey will forever orient the course of their life and those who they meet in their travels.

What journey is waiting for you?  What is the cost of not embarking on it today?  How has a previous Hero’s Journey forever changed the place you exist today?

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