Purpose vs Fame & Money

Calvin and Hobbes animation

Bill Watterson, creator and chief philosopher of Calvin and Hobbes fame is a remarkable example of staying aligned with ones purpose.  He ended artistic production of his comic strip at the pinnacle, pole position in the funny section in every newspapers.  He wished to control the future of his art and its application.  His followers were shocked.  It was as if the sitcom Seinfeld called it a career after season five and had foregone syndication.  Bill’s work on Calvin and Hobbes continues to be a source of inspiration, finding itself the thread that weaves together life’s lessons

Bill’s recent interview with Mental_Floss is illuminating.  The upcoming movie Dear Mr. Watterson, scheduled for release on November 15, 2013 should continue to expand the adventure.

Most inspiring is the care with which Bill took to stay true to his beliefs.  The money and fame were growing exponentially yet he chose purpose and that made his art even more precious.

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