Prestige unites and divides.  Ivy League universities use prestige to define levels of achievement and academic rigor.  Military branches display prestige with badges representing qualification and accomplishment.  Luxury communities animate prestige with gated entrances, emblems, customized fonts, precious materials, and location.  

The tipping point is the manner in which prestige is bestowed.  Prestige comes from a group who share a common interest and agree to attributes and qualifications when selecting those who may enhance their standing.  The motivation can be narcissistic.  Who does not get included is the dark side of prestige.  The antithesis of prestige is average and large crowds.  Exclusivity is essential to thrive.

We can employ prestige to unite a powerful alliance or create divide.  It can boost our ego or devastate trust.  Are we using prestige to inspire or segregate?  Does prestige enhance your loyalty or focus your independence?  Prestige is bestowed on those who posse values desired by others.  It must be accepted by those who believe aligning themselves with the preordained prestigious will elevate their purpose. 

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