For Those Who Are Ready

Are you manipulating or inspiring your customers?

 Two opportunities to amplify your work under the guidance of experts that I highly recommend.

Seth Godin is offering an online class title the The New Business Toolbox for entrepreneurs on SkillShare right now!  The course is composed of eight parts with meaningful assignments and resources, and it is self-paced.  I flew across the country a year ago to attend a rare one-day event with Seth and continue to be influenced by that session.  So here is an opportunity to make a small investment in yourself and amplify your passion into a business or even confirm the enterprise you have already launched.

Secondly, Chris Guillebeau is presenting a new two-day gathering titled Pioneer Nation in Portland, Oregon for individuals trying to launch a small business or project.  This is ideally suited for those with a passion who are looking to put their talent into the marketplace.  Pioneer Nation is a smaller and more intimate gathering than World Domination Summit which I have blogged about in the past.  Each time in attend one of Chris Guillebeau’s events I leave inspired and ready for action.

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