Deciding by Formula

If we use a formula to set the value of our work we assume our talents can be readily duplicated.  If we craft our unique talent then those who benefit from our work set the value.  As a consultant the primary questions is often how much to charge.  I provide a standing fee for those who insist on a number as the primary variable during an interview.  When a formula is the decision screen, I am rarely picked.  However, the real answer is ‘it depends.’  How far towards the edge are you are willing to journey with a project?  How much art are you willing to inject?  Are you curious and seeking better questions?  The more art can be infused provides far more value.  When craftsmanship is permitted, the more the dots on the horizon form new constellations to guide your journey.  How essential is a pole star to navigate the terrain that lies ahead?  The value of a map and compass are forever linked to the needs of the adventurer.

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