Suspicious Minds

Why do many of us look at the “you are a winner” banner ad with such suspicion and disdain?  Many of us see these pop-up advertisements as not only annoying but as possibly the beginning of the meltdown sequence for our device.

Why then are we confused by the lack of engagement when the “donate now” button on our home page stands in the way of telling our story?  So many great causes bury their story in order to make room for the contribution channel.  Poorly executed, a “donate now” option is a bit like a lobster pot randomly tossed on the ocean floor.  Something is bound to walk in but without a strategy it may never be a lobster.

Some of the most compelling enterprises offer an vision of a compelling future.  A destination that is relevant to the reader but not easily reached.  An organization that demonstrates it is uniquely positioned to undertake the journey builds a foundation of trust.  The cause may then offer the community a chance to provide fuel for its quest.  The “donate now” button becomes an opportunity to invest in a shared belief not a trap of surprise.  The lobster pot donor interaction is transactional the visionary is aspirational.  Which model will have the most profound impact on the future of your organization?

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