BoardSource Leadership Forum- Day One 2014


Remarkable content and insights at the BoardSource Leadership Forum.  Here are ideas that I am excited to explore further.

Daniel Forrester

  • Leaders are spending their time in the following ares: 30% interruptions, 25% content creation, 20% meetings, 15% absorbing content, and 5% thinking.
  • What books are you re-reading to confirm or challenge your original assumptions?
  • Big Ideas–>Culture–>Dialogue are three areas where we can be obsessive

Cathy Trower: Stage V Thinking

  • The five stages of thinking
    • Stage 1: collective, analyzing, interpreting
    • Stage 2: Strategic decision-making
    • Stage 3: Strategic planning
    • Stage 4: Execution.  Reviewing progress against the plan
    • Stage 5: Sensemaking
      • Engage board members as thought partners, not technicians
      • Distinguish between discussion (action focused) vs dialogue (exploration and new ideas)

Thomas McLaughlin: Nonprofit Collaboration

  • Alliance is required for economic, resource, and operational sharing.  Mergers required in a corporate to corporate union.
  • Corporate structures are allergic to mergers so they need time and both parties have to win.
  • Honoring the brand is important.
  • Culture is exponentially more important that strategy.
  • Ask, what does success look like?  Who else has done this before?  What did the merger look like?

Richard Mittenthal: Governance 3.0

  • Consider strategic initiatives that embrace the entire ecosystem your organization occupies, not just your enterprise in isolation.
  • Build board capacity by providing board with the vocabulary and technical understanding necessary to discuss programs.
  • Distinguish between collaboration and collective impact.  Collaboration does not give-up much whereas collective impact sacrifices for the whole.
  • Is your organization breaking down the board walls by inviting external guests and taking field trips?

Gigi Woodruff: Advancing Governance

  • Search YMCA’s Board Leadership Competency Model for great resources
  • Six Competencies
    • Inclusion
    • Influence
    • Decision-Making
    • Philanthropy
    • Emotional Maturity
    • Functional Expertise
  • Ask the board: How will we show-up?  How are we related to the bigger opportunity? Which competencies are you going to commitment to during the next year?
  • Who on the board asks, what just happened?
  • Recruit new board members by allowing them to tell their stories and sell themselves to you

Holly Duckwork: Ctrl+Alt+Believe

  • Reboot your organization by transcending history and hierarchy
  • Dying organizations have three common themes: fear, doubt, lack.  Growing organizations: faith, courage, abundance
  • Ask, what are we optimistic about?
  • Combine two best practices to create a new practice
  • Zappos top five core values are remarkable
    • Wow through service, embrace and drive change, create fun and weirdness, be adventurous and creative, and pursue growth

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