Trust (Why £5 vs £6 Matters)

IMG_0200Most of us desire to know up front what hope’s and aspirations an organization holds.  We can then contribute accordingly.  When additional expectations are revealed after we have responded to an initial call to action it creates an environment for us to question trust and transparency. 

I stumbled across this donation sign at the National Portrait Galley in London, UK.  My son noticed the higher solicitation request on the back side of the sign.  How would we feel if we gave £6* only to find the sign requesting £5 a few moments later?  The difference in this instance is small however there are numerous examples of groups not revealing their true intentions.  How do we recruit board members?  Do we ask for a small investment and paint an unrealistic picture and then tap them ceaselessly for their time, talents, treasure, and touch?  Do we ask permission to communicate with our tribe or do we spam them?  Do we treat our donors like ATMs or cultivate their philanthropic initiatives?  Do we plan strategically only to toss it aside to grab a shiny opportunity that is at odds with our state values?

How to we ensure our integrity by posting an authentic sign with our hopes?  Who has permission to tell us when we have stumbled?

IMG_0202* We intended to take a photo of the sign that had ‘£6’ posted on the back which we had spied earlier however loyal reader Ann pointed out that I posted a picture of ‘€6’.  Thank you Ann!  Perhaps a reminder that I was seeing what I wanted to see and more aligned with what the gallery intended.

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