Help Wanted

Writing it Down


If you could hand select the perfect partner for your enterprise, who would you choose?  If you could pick the ideal buyer of your business, describe them?  What talents and attributes would your blue ribbon board posses?  What strengths would your cause’s CEO embody?

Often we think we know what ‘it’ looks like but we forget to write it down.  If you do not have a clear ‘help wanted’ sign your default strategy is cosmic serendipity.  Consider going one degree better than 95% of the other enterprises by articulating what/who you are seeking.

Is Anyone Out There?

One of the great outcomes of workshops and conferences is that you have the opportunity to meet people who may share your purpose.  Sometimes the experience can be a bit overwhelming as you trade business cards and contact information.  A coach of mine suggested that you should create a help wanted sign that specifically outlines what outcome you are seeking.

Who do you think posted the following help wanted sign years ago:

“ Men wanted for Hazardous journey.  Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful.  Honour and recognition in case of success.”

If you guessed Ernest Shackleton you have a good historical knowledge.  Notice how specific the post reads.  Interested parties are not going to mistake this for a Disney Cruise.

How does your help wanted sign read?

Help Wanted

I am posting a help wanted sign.  Not specifically for a person but a system. In order to further my consulting enterprise’s purpose of empowering causes that inspire, I am seeking a better platform for selecting strategic priorities.  I have been fortunate enough to assemble a team of powerful planning methods but I am still browsing from the buffet of taking inspired talk and capturing the ideas into strategic initiatives.

My help wanted sign reads: Seeking innovative system to consistently transform generative and inspired conversations into strategic initiatives that can form the backbone of a strategic plan.  Must be reliable, energetic, willing to travel, network with other systems, and memorable.

Who should I interview?