Seasonal Changes

Sometimes you are in the right place to witness great changes in nature. It cannot always be planned and the moments appear randomly. I arrived at Idaho’s most famous ski resorts for work yesterday. The day was sunny and temperatures hoovered in the high 70’s. It was still summer. Tempting enough to get out on the bike path and play nine holes of golf that ended at dusk.

This morning the world looks different. Overnight rain fell. The temperature is in the 50’s and snow is predicted to make an appearance just above the valley floor tonight. Talk of summer activities such as biking, swimming, running are now giving way to peeks into the ski shops. It is as if overnight the seasonal switch was thrown and fall has arrived.

It should not be a shock. It happens every year and yet it feels sudden, as if you arrived at the pool and it was empty and the poolside furnishings had all been packed away. Now the rush for firewood will start for those who have been enjoying a warm September. Lawns will be aerated, gutters will be cleaned, clothing will be rotated in closets.

Sometimes it takes a night of cool rainy weather to get each of us to focus on seasonal responsibilities. I imagine somewhere an end-of-the-year appeal is being drafted by a Development Officer, grant reports are being submitted after a successful summer of programs, and summer interns have left for college. It says September on the calendar but the 4th quarter activities seem in progress already.