Stories or Awards

Awards are secondary to the stories behind the experience of competing.  A ribbon can be worthy of an epic tale of achievement that lasts far longer than any plaque or trophy.  Customized or scarce awards make the story even more potent.  The finish line and post event party are full of people telling tales.  The winner’s accomplishments are often well documented but every competitor has an opportunity to share in the narrative.

Host an event and make it remarkable.  The stories that follow will be far more valuable than awards and goody bags. 

Impressive Stories

Centre National d’Art et de Culture George Pompidou

When we are asked what we did during the weekend we tend to share impressive actions.  When we are asked what we did by a member of our tribe we tend to share our inspirational actions.  Impressive stories are easy.  They include buying a must have gadget at an amazing discount, skiing a double black diamond, traveling long distances, finishing a puzzle.  Inspiring stories take more effort but their impact is far greater.  To inspire your actions must benefit someone other than yourself.  The impact of an impressive story is that the listener may go repeat your action. The impact of an inspiring story is that the listener may take action that benefits others.  The results in exponentially greater.

Which stories do you tell?