One Stone

Max Speed


When endurance training there are different interval sessions that are employed. One session includes 50-meter efforts at maximum speed.  Think sprints repeated over the course of a workout.  A benefit of the maximum speed workout, it is not too challenging on the cardiovascular system since the heart rate starts rising only when the interval is ending.  There is a high return on effort when these intervals are done over time.

How can you employ maximum speed opportunities in our organizations?  Consider starting at a board meeting.  My friends at One Stone do this a couple ways.  They use One Stone Introduction where you give your name and then a 10 second response to a question prompt (e.g. if you had your own flag what would it look like?  If you could change the ending of any story which one would you alter?).  Everyone in the room gets an introduction and a brief opportunity to share an insight.  Another method is they hold a sticky note throw-down when brainstorming.  Everyone stands around a table, the topic is announced and participants write down ideas and say them aloud as they slap the sticky note on the table.  These are max speed events that have a lot of impact in a short period of time.  They feel good and the finish line is always in-sight.

Sometimes moving at our highest speed provides remarkable progress.