Looking for volunteers that are motivated?  Perhaps stuffing gift bags for the upcoming gala is not the highest use of your generous volunteer’s skills, the one who happens to be a CPA and could provide assistance to your enterprise with a pending balance sheet project.  How are you engaging the architect, school teacher, warehouse manger, or author who are fans of your cause?  There is no prefect model.  Each person requires being treated and engaged differently- which makes developing a genuine volunteering relationship so time consuming and challenging.  But given the chance to have 15 highly capable individuals providing essential focused tasked versus 100 people running an assembly line production, I think one can make a reasonable argument for engaging the 15 individuals and their talents.

Organizations like Catchafire.org are focused on finding the ideal pairing of mission related work with individual expertise.  One blogger referred to Cathafire as the eHarmony of the volunteer network.

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